Do you suspect that hackers have gained access to your Instagram account? This post will guide you on how to recover the account back in a short time.

They have hacked your Instagram account… what next?

This is scary for an individual using social media as means of business promotion, getting audiences, and so on.

Unfortunately, hackers can get into your Instagram account in less than 5 minutes if it is not well secured.

A hacker will commonly do this in one of three ways:

  • Getting possession of your login information.
  • Phishing. In short, hackers will send you a very convincing email that has a link to a fake Instagram login page. If you click it and log in with your username and password, they get your log-in details. Never click a link sent to you via email.
  • Using third-party apps. Always revoke access to suspicious third-party apps. Never allow an app that you do not trust to gain access to your personal details.

If you find yourself in a situation where you think someone has hacked your Instagram account, don’t panic. Just act and do what is needed by following the steps below.

3 Actions to Take When Your Instagram Has Been Hacked

1. Use Instagram Account Recovery

This is where you request a login link (the Forgot password button) directly from Instagram.

From there, you will enter your phone number or email address and click Send Login Link. Then, Instagram will send you an email to help you recover your account.

Sometimes hackers are so quick to change your username and password that this will not work.

If the login details have been changed and deemed invalid, move on to step 2

2. Report the Account Hacking to Instagram

If you cannot recover your account using step one, don’t waste time, just report directly to Instagram

On their website, you will fill in a form with all your account details, and there you will select an option(My account was hacked) and then click Request Support.

Instagram will get back to you requesting you to verify your identity for an extra measure of security. The process looks like this:

  • You will be sent a code directly from the site to your phone or email.
  • They will ask you to take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with the code (usually they prefer this to be a selfie).
  • They will also ask you to show the original email address or phone number you used for the account.
  • Finally, Instagram will verify that you are in fact the user of the account by comparing the photo with your Instagram photos.

I considered this a surefire way for Instagram to recover your account because there essentially is no way to hack this system they have in place.

3. Check Your Login Activity

This step can also be found in your Instagram settings. Checking your login activity from time to time will let you know if there are any strange or suspicious activities on your Instagram account.

Doing this can help you recognize suspicious logins to your account.

When checking your login activity, it will show the date and time of each login. This can sometimes be tricky to remember if it was you or someone else.

Last, in case any of the above measures failed, please reach out to our team.

3 Important Steps to Take When Your Instagram Account Is Hacked

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