Easy steps to keep your Samsung phone safe

Are you doubting that your phone has been hacked? or you are disturbed that it’s been hacked? Here are some very easy steps to keep your Samsung phone safe.

For example, downloading apps using the Samsung Galaxy Store or Google Play Store can subdue the risk of your phone being hacked.

Signs to look out for to know if your phone may have been hacked.

    • Look for pop-up ads when using apps or browsing the internet. Avoid clicking on or selecting the pop-up ads. To stop the ads from popping up, you can use ad blockers on the Samsung Internet app, and uninstall third-party apps with intrusive pop-up ads.
    • Navigate to the Calls or Messages app to check your recent outgoing calls and messages. You should carefully check for messages you did not send or calls you did not make.
    • Look for unknown and unwanted apps, tap and hold to uninstall.
    • Check for high data usage by navigating to Settings, and then tapping Connections. Tap Data usage, and then review your current amount of available data.
    • Check for signs of battery drainage. For example, your battery may be draining very quickly or you may need to charge your phone often.


Remove unrecognized or problem apps in Safe mode.

If you have some apps on your phone that are causing problems, you can decide which ones should be removed by applying Safe mode. In Safe mode, your phone will not run any third-party apps. While in Safe mode uninstall any suspicious apps.

  1. Boot your phone into Safe mode.
  2. Open Settings, then tap Apps.
  3. Review the list for apps with empty or irregular letters for the name, apps you don’t know, or apps you have known as problematic.
  4. Uninstall any suspicious apps.

Block malicious and popups ads.

Seldomly while skimming the web an ad will show up on the screen that tries to scare and trick you into believing your phone has been hacked. This be can be avoided by the use of Adblockers on Samsung Internet to prevent pop-ups. Navigate to and open Samsung Internet, and then tap Menu (the three horizontal lines).

Samsung Internet menu with Ad blockers highlighted

Note: The availability of added anti-malware will differ depending on the user, model, and software version. Many carriers may likewise give their own solution.

Use the included anti-malware.

Several Galaxy phones add anti-malware protection, however, you may need to set it on to take advantage of it. The precise steps will differ depending on the version of your software.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Battery and Device care.
  3. Tap Device protection, or Security.
  4. Tap Turn on.
  5. Some phones may have an extra prompt, if so tap Turn on.
  6. Once all steps 1-5 is done, the phone will automatically monitor for malware, and you can also decide to implement a manual scan by tapping Scan phone on this screen.

Perform a Factory data reset.

If your phone is yet to return to normal, you can perform a factory data reset to remove all installed apps and data from the phone.

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