The internet is a creepy place. It just like a real world full of  evil, pretense and desperate humans looking for quick buck. But dissimilar to the real world, internet theft can be run or operated from the safety and anonymity of a keyboard. Their are tortoise-like humans out there waiting for online shoppers to fill their credit cards details in a fake form space or website.

You could save yourself, friends and family from falling a victim of online tricks as long as you follow a few easy  precautions. Here are one or two tips to ensure your credit cards are safe.

Abstain from clicking links from Emails

Phishing is a frequent online scam. It is one of usual ways fraudsters uses in obtaining people’s credit card information. It is always in a form of an email with a replica email address of your financial organization. Such email can from time to time, urgent and requesting you to confirm your credit card or banking information by clicking on a dangerous and tricky website link. Don’t ever click on the link directly from your email. Your details alone won’t be stolen but it could also infect your computer with viruses and malware. If you end up sharing your credit card information with scammers, you should call your credit rating agencies to flag your account.

Never release your social security number(SSN)

You don’t have to give out your social security number (SSN) before you can make an online purchase.If peradventure you came across any website or any online platform requesting for your SSN, just close or or delete such website from your browser.

Only Shop from a Secure Computer

This is very important  because shopping or  performing an online transaction on an unsecured computer is unadvisable. So avoid using a public computers like cafe, library and so on for your online transaction.

Keep your anti-virus software up to date

All computer users should install a trusted and updated anti-virus software on their computers to avoid been vulnerable to online attacks. You should also keep your web browser and operating system current with the most recent security patches. For those without tech-knowhow, get a anti virus software that update automatically.

Social media platform

Online fraudsters are always thinking of every ways trick people into to their traps. You may feel sharing your credit card information with your friends and family through social media platforms is safe and secure but  you are absolutely wrong. Why? These evil doers can hack your or a friend or family member whatsapp, facebook and other social media platform account. So please don’t feel too comfortable sharing your credit card information via social media.


If you are the type that always use a simple, default passwords like (0000, abcde), you should stop because it is easy for this type of password to be hacked or even guessed. A good password should always contain upper and lower case, numbers, symbols (A@&ls26).  You should also avoid password repetition. Let your password be uncommon or rare.



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